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Up On The Table, She'll Be Dancing All Night

Babydoll just come to life, under the spotlight

Bay Alexison
4 November 1988

The stage is set
History comes alive.
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Decided to do a new profile since many things changed. ^^;

First off, hi I’m Bay. :3 I’m known mostly as Bay or Bay Alexison in different Pokemon forums. I graduated from university June of 2010 with a degree in Business Administration. I’m in the process of trying to find a job related to finance, and hopefully maybe in a few years go for an MBA.

On my spare time I like to read, watch anime, spend time with friends and family, and write. I have been writing fanfiction since high school, my first start being a The Simpsons script I thought of. I then went and wrote quite a lot of Pokemon fanficiton and now I’m getting the hang of writing Fullmetal Alchemist stuff. Many of the fanfics I’ll be posting in my journal, most appropriate for everyone, though a few of them I might heed some warning and such. I want to write original fiction and have a couple story ideas I want to try out, so hopefully I might get to doing those.

As far as fandom goes, I tend to lose interest, but there are four fandoms I’m still following: Pokemon, Baccano!, Black Cat, and Fullmetal Alchemist. All of them still holds my interest for various reasons. I'm also started on the MS Paint Adventures webcomic Homestuck, and I'm sure that fandom I'll stay for a while too.

Most of the stuff you'll find in my journal are either talks of the Pokemon forums I go to, fangirling over fandom stuff, my fanfics, or memes. I don' talk too much about my life as there are some stuff I want to keep secret, but I might mention some real life stuff once in a while.

Opps, I rambled a bit, huh? Well, either way, enjoy what I have here and looking forward to getting to know you all better!

Really surprised at that. XD

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