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[Two FMA Fics] "Somewhere There's a Sunday in the Fall" and "Dream On"

Happy Don't Forget! It's still going strong in California, 'kay? :P For this special occasion, two Elric brothers fics!

Title: Somewhere There's a Sunday in the Fall
Author: bay115
Series: Manga/Brotherhood
Word Count: 491
Rating: G
Characters: Ed, Al
Summary: Al can't sleep and Ed keeps having nightmares, leaving them to wish for sweet dreams again.
Warnings: Elric brothers angst D:
Author's Note: For fma_fic_contest's Prompt 120, Song Lyrics. Originally I was gonna go for Roy/Riza and already thought of what song to use, but then Ed and Al came barging in and want me to write this, lol. I'm gonna say this takes place a year after Ed got his State Alchemist certification. Title and some of the lyrics integrated in this piece are from Gone To Sleep by Moby and Kelly Scarr.Thanks to lalikaa for the great betaing!

At a city in the southern region of Amestris, Ed and Al were staying at an inn for the night. They had just recently finished with a mission that Colonel Mustang had assigned them there, and had decided to take a rest before catching a train back to Eastern Command the next day. The brothers’ room only consisted of a bed, a dresser, and a rotating ceiling fan, but that was fine with them.

It was close to midnight and Al stared outside through the window while his brother was sleeping. He sighed; another sleepless night for him. That had been going on for some time thanks to his armored body, leaving him with unnecessary, often agonizing, thoughts. Al wanted to stop them but the harder he tried, the worse it got.

All of a sudden, a horrified scream from his brother rattled him. Al turned to see Ed’s eyes wide open and chest heaving.

“Brother, are you all right?” he asked with great concern.

“Yeah,” Ed responded before letting out a calm breath. “I had that nightmare again.”

Al knew what nightmare Ed meant. The past several weeks during their travels his brother kept dreaming about the day they performed human transmutation on their mother. Each time that happened, Al would tell him everything would be fine and watch as Ed drifted back to sleep.

As the silence between the brothers lingered, Al stared at Ed. He could tell there was something on his mind.

“What you’re thinking now, Brother?”

Ed threw his head at Al’s direction and laughed. “I remember this one same dream we used to have. Somewhere there’s a Sunday in the fall.”

“Can you remember the place?”

“No, I don’t.” Ed shook his head. “It’s pretty vague. Over there is where everything was right, but we never went back home.”

A chuckle escaped from Al. “Back then we wanted to get out of Resembool. Now we miss those days.”

Ed smiled, but his face then slipped into a frown. “I still love that dream, though, because it’s so peaceful. I miss having those dreams.”

That caused Al’s armored body to jerk. He wished for the days when they would talk until they were tired and had sweet dreams. Now these days Ed would be exhausted earlier than expected and have nightmares, leaving Al to make sure he didn’t accidentally hurt himself.

“I missed those dreams, too,” Al said, trying not to sound too sad.

Al thought Ed seemed to be at a loss of words at first, him not saying anything immediately. Ed’s lips then curled into a small smile. “The both of us will have sweet dreams again soon. Okay, I’m going back to sleep now… ‘Night.”

When Ed had managed to fall asleep again, Al went back to looking through the window feeling depressed. The midnights were long and the life he once had was gone; everything seemed darker than it had ever been.

Title: Dream On
Author: bay115
Series: Manga/Brotherhood
Word Count: 478
Rating: G
Characters: Ed, Al
Summary: After the Promised Day, Al was finally able to dream good dreams.
Warnings: Nothing except for brotherly love fluff. XD
Author's Note: For fma_fic_contest's Prompt 124, Dreams. So, I decided to give the Elric brothers a happy story this time after I did Somewhere There's a Sunday in the Fall.. This was originally written for a meme where you shuffle your music playlist and write a story based on the songs, but then I expanded this story a bit for this prompt. Title comes from Aerosmith's song Dream On (which is the song that played when I wrote this, haha). Thanks to lalikaa for the great betaing!

One of the things Al wanted to do when he got back into his own body again was to dream. He loved the uncertainty of it, wondering if the experience was real or not. Each time he woke up, he felt an emptiness in his stomach, thinking it was all just a dream. That was the feeling he loved so much, and he missed it a lot.

When he finally got his body back, he fell asleep in the hospital bed and dreamed. He dreamed of being with Ed and Winry, the three of them looking over the world on top of a hill. He dreamed of him with a young lady, which happened to be May, with their arms wrapped around each other. He dreamed of himself being a professor at a university, teaching the fundamentals of alchemy and his students hanging on to his every word. He dreamed of himself old, content with living the life he had…

Al woke up with a start and immediately he looked at his surroundings. He was back in the hospital room, the morning sunlight spilling inside; no longer was he at the hill or with May or at that university. His stomach jumped.

Wait... did I just dream?

Yes, Al soon realized. For the first time in several years he had dreamed, and they had been good ones. A grateful smile stretched across his features. His gaze then swept towards Ed, who had just yawned.

“Morning, Brother,” Al said, beaming.

Ed smiled back. “Morning. You’re awfully cheery already. Why is that?”

It took a couple minutes for Al to tell Ed about the dreams he’d had. After he finished, his brother’s smile grew wider.

“Well, that’s awesome! Those must be great dreams.”

“They are,” Al said with a chuckle. “I thought they were real and I didn’t want them to stop. He paused. “How about you? Did you dream?”

Ed shook his head. “Oddly no, but that’s all right.”

A frown briefly appeared on Al’s lips. He couldn’t help but feel sad his brother didn’t get any dreams like he had. At least Ed was fine with that, so he would be too.

“It’s funny how a while back you said I would have sweet dreams again,” Al suddenly said, wearing a faraway look on his face, “and now I have them.”

“See, I told you so.” A huge grin lit Ed’s face and then he said, “It took us a while, but we finally got our bodies back.”

Nodding, Al responded, “I’m glad we did.” He beamed the second time this morning.

The younger brother was looking forward to having more sweet dreams tonight and many nights, thereafter. No longer would he be all alone with his thoughts. With him being at his brother’s side, the both of them could talk all night and dream together once again.
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