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Fandom to Do List update and Writing Meme

Fandom to do list
*evil_little_dog 's help_japan fic- God dang it. D<
*fma_ladyfest - DONE and got it send!
*fma_slashfest - First slashfest fic already posted there (the Riza/Briggs Doctor one). Second one, Havoc/Ling, I haven't gotten started yet.
*Judging for Pokecommunity's Get Together writing contest- DONE!
*Betaing nekusagi's pokemon_bigbang fic- waiting for her to send it to me
*fmabigbang- Signed up for it, had some of second chapter written (draft of first chapter I got done a while ago, haha)
*NEW- Roy/Riza springkink fic

So, sign ups for the summer round springkink has started and I had claimed a Roy/Riza one and actually got a rough draft of it done (I'll need to edit it first before asking around for someone to beta it). Haha, there's a couple more prompts I want to do, like there's one with blind!Roy. However, last time I tried blind!Roy...LOL, let's not go there. >.>; Maybe I'll try blind!Roy again someday, but now is not the time.

To end this post, here have a meme I stole from aamalie because I feel this might help me warm up for my Big Bang fic and help_japan story:

The first five people to comment in this post get to request that I write a drabble/ficlet of any pairing/character of their choosing. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level.

I would prefer if the characters are from FMA or Pokemon and a prompt along with it. Pokemon prompts would be great as I haven't written anything of that fandom in a long time. ;_; If you guys want me to write something from a different fandom that I'm familar with though, I'm cool with that too.

Edit: Oh, I'm fine if you guys want to post my stories to your journals or not. I'm far from being a great writer for someone else to share it in whereever, so yeah.
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