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[Two FMA Fics] "No Turning Back" and "Silly Angel Conversations

Once again, Bay is playing catch up with her fma_fic_contest fics. First two are "No Turning Back" and "Silly Angel Conversations", both very short. The third fic, "The Man Who Went Down East, But Came Up North" will have to wait until next week as it's quite long, haha.

Title: No Turning Back
Author: bay115
Series: Manga/Brotherhood
Word Count: 249
Rating: G
Characters: May, Shao May
Summary: May needed to do this to save her clan from the brink of diminish.
Warnings: None
Author's Note: This short is a reference to my fmabigbang story, Down the Road. I love the Xing characters and I hope to write more of them  (and others) eventually. Thanks to lalikaa for the great betaing (and the title, LOL)! For fma_fic_contest's Prompt 107, Invisible.


“Shhhh, Shao May!” the young girl whispered harshly. “We’re almost there.”

There were no guards watching over the Chang palace tonight, but May didn’t want to risk someone hearing them. There was no worry of anyone using their chi, as the princess had learned how to disguise hers. They continued sneaking out.

I need to do this.

Everyone in Xing knew the Chang house was on the brink of diminish. The last attack on the clan had happened a while ago, leaving the palace in heavy ruins. While the rebuilding was taking place, May considered what she could do to save it—her alkhestry wouldn’t be enough.

The Philosopher’s Stone could be my last chance to save the Chang clan.

She’d heard stories of the Philosopher’s Stone, how it could grant immortality. Perhaps if she gave it to her father, her clan would be spared from any possible future attacks. She made her decision to journey out of Xing to do just that, keeping her plans a secret.

When the princess and her panda were able to get out of the palace grounds, she halted, a determined look on her face.

“Well, there’s no turning back. Are you ready?” she asked Shao May. The tiny panda squeaked and nodded.

With a deep breath and courage swelling in her heart, May glanced at the palace one last time; she would risk her life in exchange for not letting her clan become invisible in Xing’s eyes, in the world’s eyes.

Title: Silly Angel Conversations
Author: bay115
Series: Manga/Brotherhood
Word Count: 488
Rating: G
Characters: Roy, Riza
Summary: As the Promised Day draws near, Roy still thinks talks of angels are silly.
Warnings: Spoilers in Episode 49 of Brotherhood anime.
Author's Note 1: As far as I'm aware, the scene mentioned in this piece is only in Brotherhood, but it can fit easily in manga canon, I believe. Thanks to lalikaa for the beta! For fma_fic_contest's Prompt 116, Angel.

The night before the Promised Day, Roy snuck out of the abandoned apartment he, Breda, Fuery, Riza, and Mrs. Bradley were hiding in. He wasn’t able to fall asleep, so he decided to head towards the cemetery to talk to Hughes.

As Roy stared at the gravestone, his stomach tightened and throat went dry. He knew what he wanted to say to his late friend, but the words wouldn’t come out yet. Finally, he took a deep breath.

“This is it, Hughes; the Promised Day. If everything goes to plan, I’ll finally make it to the top.”

No comment from Hughes, which the colonel wasn’t expecting anyways. He had told him something big was coming up the last time he visited his grave, and now it was almost here. Roy assumed Hughes had anticipated this day to come, too.

“I’m sorry for being angry at you on your funeral. Your murder was so sudden. Perhaps… my death will be like that too today.”

Roy heaved a heavy sigh. The chances of surviving were half and half; he didn’t like those odds. That wouldn’t stop him from trying, though.

“No matter what my fate will be, I’ll seek this through until the end.” His face was set with a resolved expression. “I will change this country for the better.”

There was silence between them once more. Roy watched the clouded sky as his mind drifted to a silly conversation they had a while back, relevant to what was about to happen in several hours. Before he spoke again, his eyes looked back at the gravestone.

“Remember back at Ishval, when we talked about angels? You asked if there was one watching over me and I said I didn’t believe in that nonsense. Still, you would always tell me your wife and daughter were your angels, the ones watching over you.” A ghost of a smile crossed Roy’s face. “Knowing you, you’ll either watch over me or have another angel do that.”

His smile faded after he said that; it was stupid of him to think that. Of course Hughes would do either one of those. For a split second, Roy thought he actually heard the man speak to him, making his heart jump.

You already have one, buddy.

Roy’s ears picked up to the noise of boots coming close by. He knew it was Riza behind him. The both of them left the cemetery together not long after.

As the military officers were walking back to the apartment, Roy couldn’t help but chuckle. It was amusing to him that Hughes thought the lieutenant was his angel. He disagreed with him on that.

“What’s so funny, sir?” The lieutenant asked, tossing him a suspicious look.

“Nothing. I’m just thinking the Hawk’s Eye suits you better.”

Roy’s response was answered with a blank stare from Riza. The colonel smirked, hearing her exasperated sigh. She was anything but an angel, for sure.

Author's Note 2: Yay, first Roy and Riza story for this prompt that isn't sad. :P Each time I do a Roy and Riza story, they're either on the cool or 'with a twist!' side of things, LOL. Also, I imagine Maes to be the ultimate Royai shipper, hehe.
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