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Master Fic List

UPDATED 8/7/2015: Added four new fics: Booze Routes (Gravity Falls), Four Gifts From Professor Oak (Pokemon) and Baby Bird (Bravely Default). One other fic mentioned, Without Love (Bravely Default) I'll get the edit version soon.

Decided to do a Master Fic List of the fics I have done. Some here in this journal, some in other sites. A lot of my fics can be found at (under the username Bay) and my FFnet account (have the link in my profile). It's a work in progress so it'll be a bit until I get a huge list going.

Fullmetal Alchemist Most of those fics are from fma_fic_contest, though I wrote some stories for various communities and for fun.

Trapped (G; Maria, Havoc, others): Maria felt trapped while staying at Xing.

If You Want to Protect Everyone (G; Roy): Roy would protect everyone.

Broken Promises (PG-13; One Shot; Maes): He couldn't fulfill his promises before he died.

Farewell Without Crying (PG; Ed, Pinako): Ed wondered why he didn't cry over his father's death yet.

Wake Up Call (PG; Ed/Winry): Ed and Winry's baby woke them up once again.

I Can't Lift My Head (PG-13; Rose, Ed, Dante, brief mention of others): Rose wasn't able to find her voice, but that would soon change. First anime fic.

Cut Through (PG: Roy, King Bradley): Their game with one another was only starting, and neither of them would back down.

Like a Radio Drama (R to NC-17; Roy/Riza): Roy is determined to move forward despite being blind. He and Riza are working together on restoring Ishval, which will soon lead to the lieutenant being his eyes. AU, Blind Roy Fic.
Part One and Part Two

Flares and Shots (PG-13; Riza, Roy): Their quips are who they are, in the past and in the present.

The Perfect Dare (PG-13; Roy/Olivier): Breda and Havoc dared Roy to kiss Olivier and he does, but it takes him on a twisted turn of sorts.

Say My Name (R; Roy/Riza): Saying her name was like a breath of fresh air to Roy.

Nature of Humans (PG; Trisha/Hohenheim): No matter how much Hohenheim wanted to change this, humans will always be weak.

Not Enough Time (PG; Roy/Riza): Riza is having a hard time telling Roy the big news. Australian Floods Fund Relief fic.

Drifting Apart (PG; Roy/Riza UST, King Bradley, Mrs. Bradley, Madame Christmas): Being separated was driving them nuts.

No Turning Back (G; May, Shao May): May needed to do this to save her clan from the brink of diminish.

Silly Angel Conversations (G; Roy, Riza): As the Promised Day draws near, Roy still thinks talks of angels are silly.

One Night at Madame Christmas's (PG; Roy/Riza, Madame Christmas): Roy takes Riza to meet his mother for the first time, only for the ladies to embrass him soon after.

The Man Who Went Down East, But Came Up North (PG; Falman, Olivier Armstrong, Captain Buccaneer, mentions of others): Falman's time at Briggs had changed him for the better.

Unexpected (PG; Roy/Riza, various others): Roy and Riza gets an unexpected surprise when it's time for the baby to be born.

Glimpse of Parenthood (G; Roy/Riza, Elric kids): Roy and Riza, who are expecting their child soon, are stuck watching over the Elirc kids for one night.

Baby Blues (R; Ed/Winry, Pinako, Gracia Hughes, an OC): Winry finds out she’s pregnant and is unsure how ready she is being a mother.

That Girl With the Blue Dress On (PG-13; Olivier/Roy, mentions of others): Olivier had no choice but to go to the military winter ball with Roy.

These Scars We've Earned (R/NC-17; Roy/Riza): Riza hated her scar with deep passion.

Somewhere There's a Sunday in the Fall (G; Ed, Al): Al can't sleep and Ed keeps having nightmares, leaving them to wish for sweet dreams again.

Dream On (G; Ed, Al): After the Promised Day, Al was finally able to dream good dreams.

Snowed In (PG/PG-13; Riza, Roy, Fuery, Havoc, Breda, Falman, Rebecca, Briggs Doctor): Riza is going on a “date” with the female doctor from Briggs, only for the both of them to be snowed in.

The Haunted House (G; Roy, Riza, and OC): Roy and Riza snuck inside a haunted house and found something unexpected there.

Summer Sun (PG; Roy, mentions of Madame Christmas and Berthold Hawkeye): Roy used to love the summer sun.

Of Coffees and Muffins (G; Roy/Riza): They were just having a normal breakfast together.

Strangeness and Charm (R; Roy/Riza): Riza never expected Roy to make romantic gestures until tonight.

Ordinary Day (G; Riza, Hayate, Maria Ross, Rebecca): It’s just another night for Riza.

Something We Both Can Share (R; Roy/Riza): Their shared apartment is something the both of them can have together.

One Last Advice (G; Roy/Riza, Grumman): Roy gets one last career advice from Grumman.

The Way You Look Tonight (R; Roy/Riza): Roy loves Riza in both a dress and a suit.

Good Form (PG-13; Riza, Roy, Hughes): Every soldier has a story he or she is willing (or unwilling) to share.

With a Warmth I'll Not Forget (PG; Roy/Riza): Roy and Riza get some time for themselves at their (secret) shared apartment.

Across the Skies (PG; Ed/Winry): Ed and Winry are getting ready for a romantic evening out.

Aim (PG; Fuery, Riza): Fuery asks Hawkeye to teach him on being a better shooter and she agrees.

Blessed (PG; Scar/Rose): Rose has a strong feeling she's expecting soon.

Chocolate (G; Roy/Riza): Roy's next romantic gesture is a box of chocolate.

Nothing Without You (PG; Roy/Riza): He's nothing without her.

The Five Times Roy and Riza Relax Outside of Work (PG-13/R; Roy/Riza): Despite their busy schedule, Roy and Riza are able to have time to enjoy themselves

We're Fading Fast (NC-17; Roy/Riza, Maes/Gracia): Roy and Riza goes to Hughes' wedding together and right after have a moment to themselves.

Dogs Walking All Over (PG-13; Roy/Riza, Hayate, Maria): Riza makes sure Roy gets why she doesn't want the dog on the furniture.

Being Sick (G; Roy/Riza): Roy gets sick and Riza comes for a visit.

Easy to Make (G; Ed, Winry, Al): A rainy day is a good day for hot chocolate.

You Distracted Me First (PG-13; Roy/Riza, ensemble): During Madame Christmas’s farewell party for Roy’s team, he teaches Riza how to play pool. Close to the lesson’s end, she gets distracted by him.

Maria in Xing (PG; Maria Ross, Fu, Lan Fan, original characters): Maria is getting used to living in Xing.

Down the Road (PG:13; Ling, Lan Fan, May, Shao May, various OCs): Ling, Lan Fan, and May took the long road back to Xing by passing through Aerugo and crossing the ocean, carrying Fu’s deceased body with them. As the group was traveling, they got to know Fu better by reading his journal. Unfortunately, the journey doesn't go smoothly as a water alchemist, the Aerugo royal family, and thieves make sure to delay the trip. COMPLETED
Chapter One: Before the Trip
Chapter Two: Meeting With May
Chapter Three: All Quiet on the Southern Front
Chapter Four: Ada of Rainington
Chapter Five: The Camiburn Tale
Chapter Six: King of the South, Prince of the East
Chapter Seven: The Five Thieves
Chapter Eight: We Encounter Wind
Chapter Nine: Tender
Chapter Ten: Finally Home

Chasing the Desert (R; Roy/Riza, Miles/Miles’s wife, Scar, Breda, Fuery, Maria Ross, Grumman, various others): Once upon a time, there was a king and queen who wanted to set things straight… Not long after the Promised Day was over, Roy and Riza are getting used to their newfound romantic relationship. At the same time they make progress on restoring Ishval and help out with rebuilding Amestris’s political and government system. The plans didn’t get off to a great start when several Ishvalans were skeptical over Roy’s plans on revising the Ishval policies and supporters of the late Fuhrer Bradley not wanting the changes to happen. COMPLETED (as of September 9. 2012)
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight

1:10 to Central (PG-13, ensemble): Ed, Al, Winry, Ling and his bodyguards go to Central after Hughes's death. Something goes wrong in Central that separates the group.
Part One
Part Two

Wicked Paths (PG, Ed/Winry and their kids, ensemble of original and canon characters): Edward, Winry, and their three children go to South City for a short family vacation. While there, they stumble upon an elder lady that claims her late father was friends with Hohenheim when they had explored Aerugo together and discovered valuable alchemy notes there. The family then ends up crossing the border with Edward curious what type of alchemy research his father had done in that country. COMPLETED

Chapters One and Two
Chapters Three and Four
Chapters Five and Six
Chapters Seven and Eight
Chapters Nine and Ten
Chapters Eleven and Twelve

Pokemon Many of the Pokemon stories are from Serebii forums. Two of the Pokemon chaptered fanfics I stopped updating. D: I'll count the Pokemon as characters as various of the stories are Pokemon POV stories.

Quiet Admiration (G;Red, Red's Pikachu, Daisy Oak): "Why don't we give Daisy Oak a visit?"

Breaks (G; One Shot; Bill, Bill's sister): Bill and his sister were at the Shopping District of Goldenrod City, but he isn't liking the trip one bit.

Hounds of Goldenrod(PG-13; One Shot; Mightyena, Absol): Once you're in the pack, you can't leave...

Forever Young (PG; One Shot; Monferno, Crawdaunt): Two Pokemon battle at Eterna Forest.

She Just Smiles (PG; One Shot; Cyrus): There was a time when Cyrus had emotions...he just didn't know how to handle them.

Rid of the Scarlet Letter (PG-13; One Shot; Jessie):Something suddenly made Jessie snapped, thus causing her to do something she wouldn't dream of; all for freedom.

Dusty Wings (PG; One Shot; Beautifly): All she wanted was dusty wings.

Four Gifts From Professor Oak (PG; Blue Oak, Daisy Oak, Professor Oak, Professor Rowan, DJ Mary, Agatha): The four times Professor Oak gives gifts to close friends and relatives.
(FFnet | AO3 | Serebii forums)

Heart of the Sea (PG-13; Original characters): Damus hadn't caught a fish for a while. When he finally caught one though, pride took over him. DISCONTINUED

Nothing, Everything (PG-13; Officer Jenny, original characters): The stage is set. Goals will be achieved. History will come alive. COMPLETED

Destiny's Tricks (PG-13; Game!Dawn, Game!Barry, Game!Lucas): The Pokemon world goes upside down after Destiny has been claimed as the Chosen One. DISCONTINUED

Take Fifty Five! (PG-13; various Pokemon characters; Three Part Story): A short tale where the Pokemon are the characters. Pidge and Mell are on the beginning stages of producing a movie, and recently held casting tryouts. However, when one of the Pokemon in the tryouts got rejected, she's going to make sure she'll have the part no matter what. No one said making movies would be easy. COMPLETED

Simplicity (PG-13; various Pokemon characters): Sequel to Take Fifty Five. Pidge and Mell are finishing producing the movie, but then two other Pokemon producers wanted them to not show it. Not only that, two enemies came back, this time with a new friend. COMPLETED


Making Conversation (PG-13; John, Rose):John finally meets Rose for the first time, only for her to be in grmdark mode.

Mother-Daughter Time (PG-13; Roxy, Alpha!Rose): Roxy dreams of being a character from her mother’s books and then meeting Mom herself.

Sister Act (PG; Kanaya, Karkat): Karkat gets frustrated with Dave once more and Kanaya decides to have a little chat with him over that.

Close Call (PG-13; Bro, Dave, John): Bro gets sick all of a sudden, which scares Dave a little.

Clawkind (PG; Rose, Nepeta, Mutie, implied Rose/Kanaya): Rose and Mutie are reunited, only for the kitty to run off sometimes and the Seer of Light being introduced to Nepeta.

Bottled Up (PG; John/Rose, Kanaya): Rose goes on a first date with John, but gets very nervous and ends up drinking during their outing.

Perfectly Reasonable (PG-13; Vriska, Kanaya, Troll OC): Vriska always insists it's perfectly reasonable to be violent towards other trolls.

Telekinesis's Flow (PG-13; Aradia, Sollux, Vriska, various others): Aradia is getting used to being a psionic.

Cakes and Pillow Fights (PG; Calliope, Jane, Roxy): Calliope gets invited to a sleepover and spends some quality time with Jane and Roxy.

Letters in the Rain (PG, Kanaya/Rose, ensemble): Rose takes Kanaya to LOLAR during the newly combined session's lull, the two having a moment to themselves.

Taste of Nightlife (Rose/Kanaya, Jade): Kanaya goes to a secret bar with Jade and instantly falls for Rose. Prohibition Era AU.

Bravely Default: I'll be posting links from AO3 and FFnet

Baby Bird (PG, Edea Lee, Ringabel, Alternis Dim, Einheria Venus): She hates being called baby bird.
(AO3 | FFnet)

Wihtout Love (PG, Mephilia Venus/Suleiman, Einheria Venus): Mephilia goes on a year long sea voyage with Suleiman so she can get the summons. During their journey, she falls in love with him. Coming Soon!

Other Fandoms: Works from other fandoms
Clay Puppet (Naruto; PG-13; Deidara): When Deidara sees Sasori in broken pieces, he shows him what true art is. Art is anyone's perspective, anyone's guess.

Negative Connotations (The Avengers [2012 movie]; PG-13; Clint/Natasha): "I may have a soft spot for her." Noir AU.

White Blank Page (Lizzie Bennet Diaries; PG; Lizzie/Darcy): Darcy writes a letter to Lizzie before leaving back to Los Angeles. Several weeks later, the two cross paths once more.

Seeing Thestrals (Harry Potter; PG; Luna Lovegood, Xenophilius Lovegood, Ginny Weasly, Rubeus Hagrid): Luna's two encounters with thestrals.

Booze Routes (Gravity Falls; PG; Dipper, Mabel, Stan): Prohibition AU. The Pines twins are staying with Grunkle Stan for the summer and they're in for a surprise when they find out he's going to teach them how to drive.
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