September 27th, 2015


[FMA Fic] Midnight Cravings

Title: Midnight Cravings
Author: bayalexison
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist (Manga and Brotherhood)
Word Count: 317 words
Rating: G
Characters: Edward Elric, Winry Rockbell
Summary: Winry’s latest pregnancy cravings has Ed bake her a different type of cake.
Author’s Note: It's been a while since I posted fic/fic announcements on my LJ, haha. For fan flashworks prompt “cake”. A quick Edwin fic! Can also be found at FFnet, AO3, and Tumblr.


When Winry was pregnant with their second child, Ed already expected she would have some weird cravings once more. Around midnight, she had asked him for chocolate cake with broccoli. He scratched his head, hearing that combination for the first time, but nonetheless he jumped out of bed and headed to the kitchen to make it for her.

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