August 24th, 2011

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[FMA Fic] Glimpse of Parenthood

Title: Glimpse of Parenthood
Author: bay115
Series: Manga/Brotherhood
Word Count: 953
Rating: G
Characters: Roy/Riza, Elirc kids (I named them Henry and Esther)
Summary: Roy and Riza, who are expecting their child soon, are stuck watching over the Elirc kids for one night.
Warnings: Sets a few years after Manga/Brotherhood ended. Also, lots and lots of fluff.
Author's Note 1: Written for fma_fic_contest's Prompt 121, Fracas. Once again, took me a while to post my story here. D:

This is a sequel of sorts to an auction fic of mine, Not Enough Time, pretty much a short in which Riza tells Roy she's pregnant. You don't have to read that story though to get this one. A couple people wanted me to write more about how Roy and Riza deal with parenting, and the idea for this story pop into my head around a month ago, but didn't go through with it until this prompt came. Thanks to lalikaa for the great betaing (I wasn't able to come up with a title for this until I read through her edit suggestions, so she gets credit for that too! XD).

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