August 15th, 2011

Lock and loaded

[FMA Fic] Unexpected

Title: Unexpected
Author: bay115
Series: FMA manga/Brotherhood
Word Count: 1,167
Rating: PG
Characters: Roy/Riza, various others
Summary: Roy and Riza gets an unexpected surprise when it's time for the baby to be born.
Warnings: None except lots and lots of fluff.
Author's Notes For seaweed_fma! This is the first story from this this meme and she requested Roy/Riza family fluff. Hers goes first because it's her (late) birthday present. :) I hope you enjoy!

Unbeta'd, so there are most likely a bunch of grammar mistakes here and there. D: Oh, and quick note: in this story Havoc gets his legs back from the Stone (like in Brotherhood) and is back to work with the team.

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