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Rarewomen 2014 Letter

My Rarewomen 2014 Letter, which is still a work in progress. Also I might make some last minute changes.

Hi, fellow Rarewomen participant! I want to thank you for taking the opportunity to do this excellent exchange. I'm a pretty lax person save for a few dislikes I'll explain in a bit, so whatever spin you take on my prompts I'll be satisfied. Will be looking forward to your fanwork!

A quick sidenote. You'll notice a couple of my prompts mention a character's thoughts while they are pregnant. I didn't plan for that to happen, lol. I know some people don't like pregnancy/baby fic, so if that's not your thing totally cool.

Likes: World-building, ladies interacting one another and lady friendships, themes dealing with keep moving forward, expanded backstories and aftermaths (what they do after canon's end).

Dislikes: Dub and Non-con, porn that doesn't move forward plot/character development, angst endings, mental/physical/sexual abuse.


Homestuck (Snowman, Latula Pyrope, White Queen)

So I quite like Snowman, Latula, and White Queen (although a lot of the Homestuck ladies are great). I'm cool with whatever ideas you can come up with, but here are some prompts/ideas if you're stuck

-Snowman in a Noir AU setting. Go wild! Another idea is her interactions with the Felt.
-Latula playing a video game with another character (or two) and teaching them the mechanics. Some interactions with her and Terezi would be awesome, too!
-White Queen's interactions with Prospit kids (John, Jade, Jane, Jake). It's been a while since I revisited canon but she seems to be protective of Jane at least, so it would be cool to see her also not wanting any harm towards the other Prospit kids.

Sleepy Hollow (Jenny Mills, Katrina Crane)

I really dig Sleepy Hollow as many of the characters are quite cool. Both Jenny and Katrina seemed to have very interesting backstories that shape them who they are.

For Jenny Mills, would be cool if there's a fic where while she's unconsciousness (from the season finale) and is in a dream sequence of sorts. During that dream she knows Abbie's in deep trouble and needs to save her. You can have Jenny go save Abbie or end it with Jenny waking up in a hospital and announcing she plans to get Abbie back. I can see her wanting to sneak out even though she needs to recover, lol.

For Katrina, you can go for a fic where she has to deal with her pregnancy of her son alone and without Ichabod to help her. You can also add in her thoughts of her child likely getting some witch powers like her.

Fullmetal Alchemist (Gracia Hughes, Elder Shan, Rebecca Catalina, Maria Ross)

Man, I love FMA (manga and Brotherhood) a lot. Many of the female characters are great and I'm very interested in their backstories and what they do after the Promised Day.

Gracia pre-canon. What she did before marrying Maes and starting a family? How she met Maes? How nervous she was over marrying him? Her thoughts while pregnant with Elicia? You can go with all of those ideas or pick and choose.

For Elder Shan I would like to see her life post-canon. Does she go back to Ishval during its reconstruction? Is she in support of it or not? Does she meet with Roy and/or Scar, and if so how would her interactions be with them?

Interactions of Rebecca and Maria post-canon! Anything with those two hanging out, haha.

Pokemon (Iris, Emma)

Pokemon ladies needs more love! Very glad this year's exchange has a few ones presented here.

Anime version of Iris has her having fears of Ice types and overcoming that. Would be interesting if game! Iris also has this fear when meeting a Lapras (she has the Pokemon in her team when she's Champion), but somehow overcome it and catches the Pokemon.

I love Emma in the X/Y games. Would be fun to see her working on a case happening in Lumiose City.

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